Becky Kolb

Life & Emotional Well Being Coach, Blogger and Speaker

I help women find peace, passion and purpose after divorce and adversity. Being a woman with much adversity in my life, I experienced the jewel crown when I went through my divorce. I felt like such a mess. The guilt and shame was overwhelming and the estranged relationships of family and friends was crushing and all consuming. The conflict I felt in my spiritual life was devastating. I felt like such a failure. I wasn’t sure I would ever be whole. As women, we sometimes find ourselves buried under emotional pain.

My clients learn how to see themselves for who they really are – not how others judge them. , They establish healthy relationships and discover how to finally let go of guilt and shame. They will discover passion and purpose for successful living, both personally and professionally. I say this because I have been through it all, remarried now to my best friend for 25 years and I can relate to what my clients face. I have also discovered my passion and purpose and have grown two successful businesses.

“Helping women find peace, passion and purpose after divorce”

Latest Posts

  • Peace, Passion, and Purpose
    Recently, in developing my niche statement for coaching the words peace, passion and purpose came to me. My mentor coach wanted me to narrow my niche from all women to women after divorce since that is where my story develops. But I don’t want to be a divorce coach. I…
  • Get Beyond the Break
    I am mesmerized by the break of the waves crashing into the shore. Surfers dot the ocean trying to catch a wave to ride. The waves are continuous day and night. But as I lift my gaze beyond the break, I see calmer seas. Isn’t that much like life. The…

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